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Q: What is the modern web mapping workflow and what skills and processes are needed to make a web map?

A: The current web mapping workflow consists of a range of technologies, skills, and conceptual knowledge, as well as a process for their implementation to achieve a desired result. The range and sequence of the web development workflow is in part captured by the notion of the full stack, which refers to the suite of technologies and required skill sets needed to successfully transform data into a deployable product on the web.

Richard Donohue

rich donohueweb cartographer, geographer, front-end web developer, teacher, information architect, rascal

I am trained as a geographer and cartographer within Science Hall in the Department of Geography at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

I currently work as a postdoctoral scholar for the Department of Geography at the University of Kentucky, designing the curriculum and developing courses for New Maps Plus.

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situated laboratories?

The name "situated laboratories" originated from the writings of Science and Technology scholars Bruno Latour, John Law, and Donna Haraway. For many years it probably smacked of obscure, elitist intellectualism (which it may have been).

Given my recent training in spatial science – situated? – and desire for a playful, experimental engagement with the web – laboratory? – perhaps it's coming to make sense.